Out of lock

April 12, 2013

Check your brakes for wear. Remove bits of detritus that may have become lodged in your tyres. Always wear a helmet. And remember: examine the key to your trusty Abus Steel-O-Flex, because it may have inexplicably developed a crack which will result in the sodding thing lodging itself firmly in the lock.

broken key for abus lock

I would probably add that last directive to my checklist following a baffling experience on Tuesday, when I unlocked my Langster outside the HSBC on Shepherds Bush Green and the key snapped, rendering the lock unusable. No prior issues – it just broke. Earlier today, my local locksmiths gave up trying to remove the broken key. So it’s time to purchase a new lock, then. Harrumph!

Any theories as to how a solid key can split in two without warning would be greatly appreciated. Or do I just not know my own strength?

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