My perfect bidon no longer exists

May 23, 2013

I have packed away my Robot Bike From The Future (electronic gears, green like a laser beam, emblazoned with the name of the director of Blade Runner) ready for an imminent four-day trip to south-east France for the Challenge Vercors, which I’ll be riding with my London Dynamo clubmates on Sunday. The Vercors is a 162km sportive which, in a clever, daring and exciting twist, is this year being held amid temperatures of around 5C. I guess the fates decided that 3,200km of ascending and descending wouldn’t be challenging enough without getting our wotsits frozen as well.

I would’ve liked to complement my green, black and white bicycle on this trip with a pair of green, black and white bidons. Sadly, I only have one, and I’m unable to get another exactly like it because Bikepark, the shop that produced it, is no longer around.

bikepark bottle on ridley excalibur

So I will be taking a pair of neutral-coloured Camelbacks instead.

Would my chums Phil Cavell and Julian Wall at Cyclefit, the business Bikepark morphed into, be prepared to issue a strictly limited edition retro Bikepark bottle, replete with the long-defunct URL? They specialise in bespoke bicycles, so this sort of thing should be right up their strada. In terms of quantity, I’m thinking of a number in the area of one. Certainly less than two.

What do you say, fellas?

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