A rare sighting of a 1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa in the wild

March 30, 2014

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa profile

Fellow Dynamo Jonathon Stacey was in Richmond Park on Saturday morning proudly showing off a vintage bicycle he has restored to its former glory. My chum Martin Garratt was one of many Parkriders at the Roehampton Gate cafe who were taken by Jonathan’s glistening beauty, and he asked me to take a few snaps to show his brother because he didn’t have his phone on him. Obviously there are many more people who would like to drool over these images, so I thought I may as well stick ’em on here.

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa rear mech

I didn’t know Jonathon and I asked him very little about his pride and joy, so I can’t give you a terrific amount of detail about it. But I do know that it has a Campagnolo Nuovo Record groupset, the pedals are made by Christophe (which later became the Zefal brand) and the frame was originally yellow. Oh, and the whole thing cost him £4,000. Enjoy!

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa badge

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa chainring

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa pedal

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa rear brake

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa shifters

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa seattube badge

1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa top tube

5 Responses to “A rare sighting of a 1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa in the wild”

  1. Jonathon Stacey Says:

    Hi, nice pics! Here are some more photos showing the restoration (which took me over 200 hours!). https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151883489001580.1073741829.591971579&type=1&l=914454f287

    • Thanks, Jonathon. I’ve corrected my slight misspelling of your first name – which, come to think of it, may have prevented me from locating the bike on Facebook…

      • Jonathon Stacey Says:

        No worries, it’s an odd spelling. The full bike build spec is now that facebook link too, it’s all authentic for ’74 (apart from the tubs which are early 80s, anything earlier isn’t really reliable for riding)

  2. Jonathon Stacey Says:

    Hi there, my Cinelli is currently being displayed in Sigma (during Giro) so if you know anyone into old bikes who might want to check it out it’s there for a couple more weeks. It’s got a a bit of info written up on it too. http://t.co/c48qySvvGD

  3. Joe solomito Says:

    Just bought one like this but it is all chrome accents of gold. The shifters are come out of the end of the handlebars. Very unique can somebody tell me about this pleas? I can send pictures. My email address is
    Thank you

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