DYNAMITE! #172, 14.03.08

November 14, 2010

DYNAMITE! The OFFICIAL London Dynamo Newsletter #172, 14.03.08
+++ Having a blast every Friday +++ Dyna-mail race reports, news, views, and gossip to dynamite@londondynamo.co.uk +++ Have a peek at our pics -http://tinyurl.com/k34tf +++ Check out DYNAMITE! on the web -http://tinyurl.com/36xkay +++ WEEKEND WEATHER: Sat, light rain, 12C max, wind S 9mph; Sun, heavy showers, 10C max, wind NW 9mph +++

+++ Top-level talks on Dynamo casual wear +++
Steeling himself for a ride that would bag 6th place and take him to joint 3rd overall in the Gorrick Spring Series, battle-mode mountain biker MARTIN ‘PIN-UP’ WILLIAMSON ignored the hailstones pinging off his gladiatorial torso as he waited impassively on the starting line in Crowthrone Wood, Berks, on Sunday… http://tinyurl.com/22ruag …and in a similar fashion to the Sport category crackerjack, the club’s venerable committee members have proved themselves to be unconcerned by the weather’s current inclemency as they draw up plans for Dynamo-branded summer wear. Having been sent to his easel by club co-founder PAUL ‘CANNONBALL’ CALLINAN, creative executive RUSSELL ‘RUSTY’ SHORT returned last Thursday with a T-shirt design of Rapha-like understatement, and another, brasher version which features the club’s name proudly emblazoned across the front in large letters. Rusty is gunning for the former while club captain TONY ‘PETER’ SMEDLEY appears to prefer the latter, so expect the upper floors of Dynamo Towers to resonate with a full and frank exchange of views as they decide which one will go into production. In the meantime, another couple provided a certain skin-suited ‘Mo with a few much-needed chuckles as he hung around to see if his impressive time would be bettered – so come with us now as we share in his anxiety. Here comes a nervous 50-minute wait…

+++ Dynamette dismayed at being “beaten” by hubby +++
Dark clouds hovered over CHARLIE ‘VICI’ BLACKMAN on Sunday as the harrumphing Dynamette stewed over being beaten by none other than TOBY ‘HUBBY’ BLACKMAN – until she realized her time at the East Surrey RC hardriders TT was actually more than two minutes faster than her long-suffering other half’s, which prompted her to jump up and down with glee while unashamedly laughing her head off. Their pal RICHARD ‘WIN ‘EM’ SIMMONDS, who witnessed the 51st-placed schoolteacher go from bad winner to bad loser in the blink of an eye, commented: “I think they might be converts to the dark side, given time – pointy hats, dual carriageways, the lot.” And the pair couldn’t have a better mentor than the powerhouse personal trainer, who bolted out of Leigh to complete the 30-mile course in 01:07:54 – almost seven minutes quicker than what had been the fastest time. The following 49 competitors, including 12th-placed PAUL ‘CANNONBALL’ CALLINAN, were unable to better Rich’s effort – so hats off to Matt Bottrill of De Rosa RT, who ended up winning by 29 seconds and set a course record in the process… http://tinyurl.com/33ch9b. Rich concedes: “He did finish top 10 in the national 10, 25, and 50 last year, so he’s a class rider. But I’m definitely a lot stronger than last year and starting to feel fast.” That first top spot of the season will be his soon, Dynamates!

+++ Hemmant terrified by weather, Delahunty in top 15 +++
Easing himself back into racing following his form-building week in Mallorca, the ever-cautious TOM ‘HUMBLE’ HEMMANT headed to Charndon, Bucks on Saturday for the E/1/2/3 Roy Thame Cup, which he wisely treated as a training event due to the wet and super-windy conditions. Dynamo’s quiet man admits: “I was scared on the first lap but got into it and followed the wheel in front to get round the corners. It was blind faith!” Terrified Tom finished 19th after getting into an unsuccessful chasing group, while his fellow chaser PAUL ‘MONTY’ DELAHUNTY ended up nabbing 13th place… http://tinyurl.com/2yghe5. Nice one, fella! The following day saw MATT ‘IRON’ BRIDGE sagely sitting in the bunch at the 2/3 Surrey League race in Kirdford, which set him up for 9th place after the bunch caught breakaway boy RUSSELL ‘RUSTY’ SHORT and four others. Doughty Dutchman TORKEL ‘RED’ DOHMERS and JOE ‘BLOW’ HEMMANT added to the Dynamo points tally with 13th and 14th respectively… http://tinyurl.com/2atgxu. Lovely work, chaps!

+++ Free cycling assessments at uni +++
Finally, any ‘Mos looking to get their VO2 max, power outputs and lactic threshold tested might be interested in heading to Roehampton University, which is carrying out cycling performance assessments as part of an MSc sports science thesis. The lab tests, which last three to four hours, will take place for two weeks from 7th April. Volunteers must be male and aged 18 to 35. Call Lloyd Hooper on 07814 473 234 or e-mail lloydhooper@hotmail.com. And tell him we sent you!

The screen printing press has been filled with dye to decorate the first batch of Dynamo T-shirts, which means there’s just enough time to thank everyone who sent stuff in for this issue before production begins. Always remember we are an oversize ’80s white T, but we would be nothing without you, our Frankie Says logo. So please keep Dyna-mailing your race reports, news and gossip to dynamite@londondynamo.co.uk. The deadline, as ever, is Wednesday afternoon for Friday’s edition. And now, as it becomes apparent that the stencil for the design says “London Dymano”, it only remains for us to remind you about…


9am: The Parkride. Richmond Park, roundabout by Sheen Gate. Four laps split into fast, intermediate and steady groups.

8am: Kingston Gate, Richmond Park. Non-stop ride through Surrey Hills.

9am: Hampton Court bridge, south side, Surrey Hills ride. Fifty-ish miles at a steady pace. Stop at Box Hill for tea and cake. Bring a pump, inner tubes, drink, and a “wife-beater” top.

7.30pm: Richmond Gate, Richmond Park. Steady ride to Chertsey, back via Weybridge, 28 miles.

So until next week, Dynamates, goodbye and happy riding.

The DYNAMITE! team.

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