DYNAMITE! #171, 07.03.08

November 14, 2010

DYNAMITE! The OFFICIAL London Dynamo Newsletter #171, 07.03.08
+++Having a blast every Friday +++ Dyna-mail race reports, news, views, and gossip to dynamite@londondynamo.co.uk +++ Have a peek at our pics -http://tinyurl.com/k34tf +++ Check out DYNAMITE! on the web -http://tinyurl.com/36xkay +++ WEEKEND WEATHER: Sat, light rain, 10C max, wind SW 18mph; Sun, sunny intervals, 10C max, wind W 12mph +++

+++ ‘Mo joins Olympic champ in bull run city +++
The sleek, stylish design of the nation’s nattiest cycle outfit has caught the attention of many envious riders over the years – and this week Dynamo’s dashing uniform even managed to look eye-catching when deprived of its usual blue, black and orange hues by the dulling power of monochrome newsprint. The editorial team of Britain’s top Dynamatic update was delighted to see a photograph on page 79 of Wednesday’s Daily Express (the self-styled “World’s Greatest Newspaper”) which showed sports hack PATRICK McKENDRY wearing his Dynamo kit in the famous bull run capital of Pamplona while having a chinwag with none other than James Cracknell. Lucky Pat joined the double Olympic gold medalist for a sun-kissed 60-mile ride as part of the rowing champ’s Sport Relief challenge to reach Africa in the fastest time possible by rowing, cycling and swimming… http://tinyurl.com/3a4x8u. The wide-ranging subjects of their long chat encompassed rugby, Spanish hotel names and “the environmental unfriendliness of cattle”, which Cracknell’s backup team must have found interesting as they cruised behind the pair in a 4×4 – but the sports hack omits to mention if smooth-legged James also gave him a friendly talking-to about his hirsute pins. Mercifully, those legs don’t look too DAVID ‘GOLIATH’ ANDREWS-like in our smudged photocopy… http://tinyurl.com/387ddb …and are entirely absent from the online version of the article… http://tinyurl.com/2kf5pk. Just remember to pack your travel razor next time, buddy! As Patrick jetted home, another ‘Mo was celebrating his first step on the road back to 2nd cat, which he hopes to reach by the time racing starts at his beloved Crystal Palace circuit – so come with us now to Hillingdon as a driving headwind reveals a true test of character. It’s time to witness a bunch of blowhards…

+++ Spies and Reid take on college kiddos +++
The intelligence of those who attend Britain’s most prestigious seats of learning is, of course, beyond question – which is why the group of ‘Mos who raced against the Cambridge Uni squad were baffled by the green and black boys’ unwise tactics at the Finchley RT 3/4 crit on Saturday. Volubly announcing their strategies to each other, the intensely serious college kids took turns launching themselves into the 20mph headwind on the back straight in the vain hope of getting away – and one rider attempted to block off the pack by practically riding sideways across the circuit. Pure genius! Much to the annoyance of 3rd-placed STUART ‘EASY’ SPIES, CU rider Tom Morris still managed to get the win, but with 4th cat Hillingdon debutant ROB ‘LICENCE’ REID nicking the last point on offer, the blue train could at least console themselves with having more riders in the top 10 then any other club. Winter series stalwart ANDREW ‘COALFACE’ STRONGE should be listed as 11th when the official results finally surface – but spare a thought for CHARLIE ‘HARDY’ PEARCH, who hit the deck after the twitchy 60-strong field hurtled along the straight and produced the inevitable crash on the final lap. Hope you’re healing up, pal!

+++ Top 5 place for Hayter in Banbury TT +++
Not one of the select few who attended the first Dyna-monthly drinks evening at the Freemasons in Wandsworth last Thursday would have predicted that laid-back event organiser WILL ‘SEE YA’ HAYTER was to spring into action three days later with 5th place in a prestigious time trial – but that’s exactly what the red-hatted rascal did when he completed the 23-mile Banbury Star hardriders event in 58:01. Winner Dave Dent of Wightlink, who had also won the previous week’s Redhill sporting TT, put 02:29 into Will… http://tinyurl.com/37c8cd …as he powered along the tough Warwickshire course which includes half a mile of climbing at around 13 per cent. That daunting ascent is none other than Edge Hill, scene of the first first battle in the English Civil War – and our historically-minded ‘Mo admits: “Given my normal preference for climbing on a 34-25, I had my very own personal battle just keeping 39-21 turning over.” But unlike Charles I, focused Will won’t lose his head later in the season – and the same can safely be said of ever-reliable 1st cat SAM ‘SLAM DUNK’ HUMPHESON, who has followed up his top 15 performance at the season-opening Perfs Pedal race by bagging 15th place at the Wally Gimber in Tenterden, Kent, on Sunday… http://tinyurl.com/2eeawf. Keep an eye on these two, Dynamates!

Like the coast of North Africa looming into James Cracknell’s field of vision, the end of this journey is almost upon us – which means there’s just time to thank everyone who sent stuff in before we swim the final few metres. Always remember that DYNAMITE! is an act of charity, but we would be nothing without you, our willing donors, so please keep Dyna-mailing your race reports, news and gossip to dynamite@londondynamo.co.uk. The deadline, as ever, is Wednesday afternoon for Friday’s edition. And now, as we finish jangling the bucket of coins, it only remains for us to remind you about…


9am: The Parkride. Richmond Park, roundabout by Sheen Gate. Four laps split into fast, intermediate and steady groups.

8am: Kingston Gate, Richmond Park. Non-stop ride through Surrey Hills.

9am: Hampton Court bridge, south side, Surrey Hills ride. Fifty-ish miles at a steady pace. Stop at Box Hill for tea and cake. Bring a pump, inner tubes, drink, and a list of sponsors.

7.30pm: Richmond Gate, Richmond Park. Steady ride to Chertsey, back via Weybridge, 28 miles.

So until next week, Dynamates, goodbye and happy riding.

The DYNAMITE! team.

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