DYNAMITE! #60, 24.06.05

November 21, 2010

DYNAMITE! The OFFICIAL London Dynamo Newsletter #60, 24.06.05

As readers of last Friday’s globally-aware Dyna-missive will already know, plenty of travel-hungry Dynamates have been exporting the Dynamo brand to overseas territories known for their love of cycling – but this week a Surrey Hills regular took the blonde and winding road to a land known more for its fair-haired maidens than firm-thighed fellas. That’s right, Scandic fans – a certain intrepid sports drink guru transported his trusty Cougar to Sweden this week for a mammoth ride which made him feel flatter than an Ikea self-assembly pack. But the plucky lad refused to drop off the Backstedt and by the finish his spirits soared higher than an Abba harmony. He was practically Bjorn Again! So come with us now as we recount a tale you cannot af-fjord to miss. Here comes a Hives of information…

He survived the 2004 Vattern-Rundan – and milkshake man STUART ‘POSTAL’ JEFFRIES returned to Sweden at the weekend to notch up a personal best of 9hrs 19mins in the 300km event. That takes more bottle than a warehouse of For Goodness Shakes! The plucky chap averaged just over 20mph by sticking with a group of six and describes the ride as “one of the hardest I’ve ever done.” He reveals: “I felt pretty sluggish at the start, was whacked at 150km and had tears in my eyes a few times in the last 100km.” Nasty stuff! But despite promising himself during his darker moments never to do anything like it again, the bike-mad lad says he was “ready to enter next year’s race” 15 minutes after passing the finish line. That’s the spirit, Stu! Meanwhile, over in sweltering North Mymms, Dyna-masochist IAN ‘KING OF’ PAINE burned brightly in the 2/3/4 Ron Grey Electric Light Show race on Sunday by extending his lead from 25secs to 1.40 – and that was after his three breakaway companions sat up. Scorching stuff! A four-man chasing group caught Ian when he was within six miles of the chequered flag but he still managed to pull out his big sprint in the boiling 33 degree heat to clinch 2nd. The aching hero, who also nabbed 6th at the 2/3 Team Axiom race in Hampshire last Thursday, admits: “I surprised myself.” You’re not the only one, mate! On the very same day in Warninglid, West Sussex, the sizzling temperature got the better of MARTIN ‘COMEBACK’ GARRATT, GUY ‘THE ENGINE’ POWDRILL and RUSSELL ‘RUSTY’ SHORT – so it was left to TOM ‘HUMBLE’ HEMMANT to get in the chasing break at the Giles Ree Memorial all comers race which ended with him narrowly missing out on 10th place to Brett Perez. Damn it all! The agiskoviner fastman saw off another Dynamate at Crystal Palace on Tuesday when ponytailed point-gobbler WARRICK ‘SPEEDY’ SPENCE finished 3secs behind him to take 2nd. The Cyclefit sensation will get you next time, pal!

There’s just enough time to remind you to get your RSVPs in for the much-anticipated Dynamo summer social this coming Thursday. Dyna-mails have been whizzing in to joint social secretary PAUL ‘ALL BLUE’ HARKNETT all week, so drop him a line at pharknett@brownharknett.com if you want to pop along for a drink at The Guinea in Bruton Place, off Berkley Square, W1 – and shove this link into your browser for the boozer’s location: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=528805&y=180752&z=0&sv=W1J+6NR&st=2&pc=W1J+6NR&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf. You’re sure to have a Dyn-amazing time!

The fuel gauge on our pleasingly efficient yet otherwise unremarkable Volvo has finally dropped to the bottom, but like a Viking longboat we’ll be sailing to the shore of your inbox for another invasion next week. Until then, please remember we are a playful Pippi Longstocking but we would be nothing without you, our hunky Bjorn Borg. So please keep Dyna-mailing your news, gossip, and further sightings of the elusive KEN ‘BERGMAN’ BUIST to news@londondynamo.co.uk – or simply hit your reply button if you are reading this on e-mail. The deadline, as ever, is Wednesday afternoon for Friday’s edition. And now, with the final chords of Hate To Say I Told You So still ringing in our ears, it only remains for us to remind you about…


The Parkride. Richmond Park, roundabout by Sheen Gate, 9am. Four laps split into fast, intermediate and steady groups.

Hampton Court bridge, 9am for Surrey Hills ride. Fifty-ish miles at a steady pace. Bring a pump, inner tubes, drink, and a saucy video.

Richmond Gate, Richmond Park, 7:30pm. Five laps of the park at race pace.

So until next week, Dynamates, goodbye and happy riding.

The DYNAMITE! team.

THURSDAY, JUNE 16 – TEAM AXIOM ROAD RACE SERIES, FORESTSIDE, ROWLANDS CASTLE, HANTS, 2/3/4W/J 58KM: 1 Karl Hine (Somer Valley); 2 Dominic Coughlin (SP/Wightlink); 3 Andy Moore (Somer Valley); 4 Keith Jarrett (i-team.co.uk); 5 Mark Scoular (unatt); 6 IAN PAINE (LONDON DYNAMO); 7 Jamie Treliving (Team Certini); 8 Benjamin Heinreich (i-team.co.uk); 9 Mathew Coates (VC St Rapheal); 10 Graham Wyatt (GS Europa).

SUNDAY, JUNE 19 – GILES REE MEMORIAL ROAD RACE, WARNINGLID, 1/2/3/4/W, 118KM: 1 Jules Birks (Cycle Europe/Bianchi); 2 Steve Gowar (Pacific); 3 Peter Kentch (Liphook Cycles) +1.00; 4 Jamie Higgins (Ewhurst Control) +2.00 5 Yves Milliers (Kingston Wheelers); 6 Toby Neave (Liphook Cycles); 7 Marcus Bruton (Norwood Paragon); 8 Chris McNamara (Ewhurst Control); 9 Jako Ehlerts (De Rosa); 10 Brett Perez (agiskoviner.com); 11 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO).

SUNDAY, JUNE 19 – RON GRAY ELECTRIC LIGHT SHOW, NORTH MYMMS, 2/3/4/W/J, 104KM: 1 David McClean (Cambridge); 2 IAN PAINE (LONDON DYNAMO); 3 Jonny Torres (Team Sport and Publicity); 4 Matt Palmer (Verulam); 5 Digby Symons (Cambridge); 6 Mark Jervis (Python); 7 Simon Hime (Team Sport and Publicity); 8 Paul Caton (Verulam); 9 Kristian Downs (Glendene); 10 Dan Fentiman (Tri and Run); 11 Ed Graefe (Economic Energy); 12 Peter Leek (Cambrige University); 13 Tim Williams (Cambridge); 14 Michael Gardener (Glendene); 15 John Bartram (Interbike).

TUESDAY, JUNE 21 – CRYSTAL PALACE CIRCUIT LEAGUE #9, CRYSTAL PALACE PARK, E/1/2, 30KM: 1 Brett Perez (agiskoviner.com); 2 WARRICK SPENCE (LONDON DYNAMO); +0.03; 3 Paul Mill (Edwardes) +0.06; 4 Roger Morgan (Stilton) +0.10; 5 Neil Pearson (Gemini); 6 Matt Rugman (Kingsnorth International) +1.05; 7 Dan Rudd (Edwardes); 8 Adam Gielniak (Cyclone); 9 GUY POWDRILL (LONDON DYNAMO); 10 TOM DAVIES (LONDON DYNAMO); 11 Oscar Challis (Dulwich Paragon).

“I was dreaming of some boiled potatoes and a cup of brown rice for three weeks. Those were the things that I was going to eat when we arrived in Stockholm where there was going to be a kind of banquet, organised by the Swedish Vegan and the Vegetarian Societies.”

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