London Dynamo Newsletter #9, 28.05.04

November 21, 2010

London Dynamo Newsletter #9, 28.05.04

The lights have gone down, dry ice is billowing across the stage and one crushing powerchord has announced that the London Dynamo supergroup has entered the building for a rousing sing-a-long of We Are The Champions to celebrate their impressive victory over Britain’s finest 3rd cat teams. That’s right, readers – four hard-living Dynamates have been on a triumphant tour this week in hot-rocking Wales and your down-and-dirty Newsletter is about to fill you in on the band’s backstage gossip. Gasp as you discover what flamboyant lead singer TOM ‘HAIRY’ HEMMANT got up to in the bathroom on the eve of their first big gig. Thrill to the spectacle of little drummer boy SAM ‘THUMPER’ HUMPHERSON going off on an impromptu solo. Cower as guitarist MIKE ‘MAD AXE’ DEBNEY demolishes a malt loaf. And sigh with relief as trusty, mild-mannered bassist JOHN ‘DEACON’ OLDRIDGE manages to hold the band together against overwhelming odds. Let’s turn it up to eleven…

It was with a mounting sense of excitement that the Fab Four boarded the Dynamo tour bus on Friday evening and set off from Putney for Bridgend, a delightful little place about 10 miles west of Cardiff. As our legions of loyal readers will already know, the cracking quartet had been hand-picked by race secretary PAUL ‘CANNONBALL’ CALLINAN to represent the entire Surrey League in the two-day L’Etape De La Defonce race – and each intrepid rider was hoping their weeks of rigorous training would pay off during the three-stage competition. But the three-hour drive ended in frustration for ‘Medical’ Mike and ‘Gentleman’ John, who were forced to slum it in a B&B while Tom and Sam got to live it up in the palatial surroundings of a Best Western, complete with a sauna and steam room. Surrey League supremo and accommodation co-ordinator Keith ‘I’ll Get You’ Butler will never hear the end of this! The tired team were too knackered to find a suitable restaurant so they stayed in and got enjoyed a pre-race fuelling session of malt loaf and teacakes. As Mike reveals: “We didn’t really fancy one of the ten Chinese takeaways that Bridgend had to offer.” Sensible choice, mate!

Unfortunately, not all of the team were quite so level-headed the following morning. Tom has taken a great deal of pride in being the peloton’s only serious rider with hirsute legs – but Dynamo’s quiet man suddenly decided that the good people of Cowbridge leisure centre deserved to see his powerful pins in a hairless state when he embarked on the team time trial, so he rashly decided to have a shave on Saturday morning before leaving for the start of the stage. Sadly, as Dynamette LUCY DOVE reveals: “It took Tom a lot longer than expected and he only managed to get one leg shorn before heading for the start line – so he had to do the TT with one leg hairy, one leg smooth.” You never know – he could start a new trend!

The tense foursome, who wore ancient red and yellow Surrey League jerseys with clashing black and blue Dynamo shorts, tried to put half-hairy Hemmant’s misadventure behind them as they arrived at Cowbridge leisure centre for the start of the team time trial – but there were still a few more irksome snags to add to their anxieties. Mike had to get his chain back on the big ring when it made a break for freedom shortly before they set off and the med student admits he set a pace that was “a little too fast due to race nerves”. But he added: “We soon got into a rhythm and we were flying by the turnaround.” Then disaster struck! Tom peeled off the front, allowing Sam to pull through, and the compact mechanic turned at the roundabout’s fourth exit. Mike explains: “This was a FIVE-exit roundabout! The marshals yelled at Sam, we yelled at the marshals, and Sam was doing the tightest U-turn ever attempted on a bike. Absolute chaos!” The remaining three decided not to wait for their Roberto Heras and “suffered like dogs on the climbs” as a consequence. The Surrey Leaguers finished 26 seconds behind the winning team, which bagged them 6th place. Rueful Mike says: “We should have waited. It would have cost us virtually no time and we needed Sam on the climbs. Apologies, Sam. We coasted back to the HQ and lambasted ourselves for screwing up. We could have won easily.” Don’t be so hard on yourselves, fellas – your best, as we shall see, is yet to come!

After wolfing down a ridiculous number of sandwiches, the gang of four embarked on the second challenge of the day – a 67-mile stage across hilly terrain in perfectly cool weather. There was a minor hiccup when Tom went for the top spot in the first prime, only to discover that the actual finish line was 100 metres from the one he had just crossed – whoops! – but this was to prove the last missed opportunity of the day. Dynamo’s big man was part of a nine-man group which chased down a breakaway of two vets with about 25 miles to go, giving the ever-composed John the opportunity to locate his two other team-mates in the bunch and get them to sit at the front, thus making sure no-one else attacked. We love it when a plan comes together! The gruelling finish on the summit of the Cowbridge bypass saw Tom take 3rd, giving him the No.2 spot on the GC, while Mike finished 2nd in the bunch. Surrey League – AKA London Dynamo – was now 2nd in the team competition. Result! And things got even better the next day when the tough climbs and scary 80kph descents really separated the men from the boys during the 45-mile final stage. The fantastic four were among approximately 35 riders who managed to regroup on the first descent and Tom managed to nab a valuable 10 second time bonus by coming 3rd in the only prime of the day. Mike and the mechanic – that’s Sam – pumped up the speed and strung out the group in the last 10 miles, leaving only one rider to get away. Steely Tom clinched 5th, taking 3rd in the final GC – and so it was that the capital’s greatest cycling club, riding under the garish red and yellow banner of the Surrey League, won the team competition by a whopping 43 seconds. Hurrah!

Dynamette REBECCA STUBBS, who was part of the Surrey League Ladies team, reveals that “seeing the boys triumph made me proud to be a member of the club” – and it goes without saying that the lads win the prestigious London Dynamo Newsletter Result Of The Week malt loaf. So here’s dashing Mike Debney in his tux, making his way through the applauding throng, to make his lengthy Academy Award-style acceptance speech. Take it away, mate!

“Thanks, Chris. A massive thank-you to everyone involved – all the organisers, marshals, tea ladies and motorbike guys – the organisation was first-class and we were looked after so well. Thanks to Keith Butler for letting us enter and Paul for helping us sort out accommodation and generally motivating us. The only people it remains for me to thank are the other three guys in the team – Sam, Tom and John. We all rode superbly and I think we are worthy winners of the team GC. Pity about that time trial, though – at least there’s always next year!”

But before we get carried away with all this hearty back-slapping, spare a thought for Rebecca’s ordeal in the valleys. The plucky Dynamette was one of only five women in the 82-strong field – and two of them were internationals. Unsurprisingly, Rebecca felt she was “hopelessly outclassed” and reveals: “Sam brought a gaggle of supporters who stood by the side of the road on a steep section and sympathised with our plight, which was much appreciated.” And intriguingly, the sharp-eyed legal eagle has put together a strong case to explain how Tom was robbed of the GC’s top spot. She believes he would have won the valuable final prime if he hadn’t shot off for the line too early and argues that the ten-second penalty, which he received for crossing the central line, was grossly unfair. Rebecca argues: “It was pretty hard to avoid going over the line given how narrow the lanes were. Call me a cynic, but I think the blokes who beat him were both Welsh.” It’s always the usual suspects who are to blame! Sort ’em out, Keith!

In other racing news, Dynamo’s renegade rider KEN BUIST amazed everyone by becoming a team player at Kirdford on Sunday. The lone Aussie worked hard with RUSSELL ‘RUSTY’ SHORT and PAUL CALLINAN to pull the 2/3/4/J race apart before his two team-mates got into a six-man break up the climb. The 60-mile race ended in a full-on 750m sprint which saw Paul pull 4th and Rusty 6th. Well done, sirs! Dynamo’s Race Secretary was also in the pack with MIKE DEBNEY at Goodwood’s scratch race on Tuesday, which ended with the Giant-riding hero finishing 5th – and that was just two days after clocking up almost 117 hilly miles in Wales. As Paul succinctly put it: “He’s flying!”

The final encore has been played and the crowd are shuffling towards the designated exits to purchase an overpriced official tour T-shirt and commemorative programme from the foyer. Remember that we are only the hairy-arsed roadie, and we would be nothing without you, the talented tunesmith. So send us all your gossip, news, and any information you might have on what triggered Tuesday’s comical punch-up between two riders at Hillingdon to The deadline is Wednesday afternoon for the following Friday’s edition. And now, as you find yourself strangely drawn to a foul-smelling hot-dog cart on your way to the tube station, it only remains for us to remind you about…

the Parkride. Richmond Park, Rohampton Gate, 9am. Four laps split into fast, intermediate and steady groups. Anyone who wants to lead a group should leave a message at

Hampton Court bridge, 9am for Surrey Hills ride. 50ish miles at a steady pace. Bring a pump, inner tubes, drink and a fond memory of Walking Bottom.

Richmond Gate, Richmond Park, 7:30pm. Steady two-hour ride to Surrey and back.

So until next week, Dynamates, goodbye and happy riding.

London Dynamo Newsletter.

TUESDAY, MAY 18 – GOODWOOD GALLOPS, E/1/2/3/4/J, 30 MILES: 1 Paul Pickup (Liphook Cycles RT); 2 Chris Birch (Evans Cycles RT); 3 Martin Markowski (Bayeux Landscapes); 4 Nick Allen (VC Meudon); 5 David Freeman (unatt); 6 Steve Ferguson (Team Maestro); 7 Graham Wood (Team Luciano); 8 Ken Prince (Pearson Cycles); 9 Tim Dunfold (Hargroves Cycles); 10 PAUL CALLINAN (LONDON DYNAMO).

SATURDAY, MAY 22-SUNDAY MAY 23 – L’ETAPE DE LA DEFONCE 2004, STAGE 1, TEAM TIME TRIAL, 7.6 MILES: 1 Port Talbot Wheelers (0:19:05); 2 Lifeforce (0:19:09); 3 Mid Devon CC (0:19:21); 4 Gateway RT (0:19:28); 5 Porth & District CC (0:19:30); 6 SURREY LEAGUE, AKA LONDON DYNAMO (0:19:31); 22 SURREY LEAGUE LADIES 0:22:30.

STAGE 1A, 64 MILES: 1 Jonathan Pugh (Abergavenny RC) 2:33:16; 2 Michael Ford (Hardly Athletic CC) 2:33:17; 3 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO) 2:33:19; 4 Paul Jenkins (Bush Healthcare) 2:33:19; 5 Tony Woodcock (Glendene CC) 2:33:19; 6 Jim Macmanus (Interbike RT) 2:33:26; 7 Marcus John (Pembrokeshire Velo) 2:33:26; 8 Stephen Edwards (Porth & District CC) 2:33:29; 9 Martin Bush (Bush Healthcare) 2:33:31; 10 William Hornby (Mid Devon CC) 2:34:19; 11 MIKE DEBNEY (LONDON DYNAMO) 2:34:19; 12 Robert Perry (Dare Racing) 2:34:19; 13 Richard John (HSPR Racing) 2:34:19; 14 Paul Bennet (Cardiff JIF) 2:34:19; 15 Darren Stone (Cardiff JIF) 2:34:19; 16 Matthew Hargreaves (Ogmore Valley Wheelers) 2:34:19; 17 SAM HUMPHERSON (LONDON DYNAMO) 2:34:19; 18 Mark Olding (Cardiff Ajax) 2:34:19; 19 Richard Bowen (Gateway RT) 2:34:19; 20 Andreas Perrakis (Mid Devon CC) 2:34:19; 21 Chris Bradley (Port Talbot Wheelers) 2:34:19; 22 Robert Bignell (Gateway RT) 2:34:19; 23 Stuart Hall (Bush Healthcare) 2:34:19; 24 Mike Carty (Stratford CC) 2:34:19; 25 Chris Le Page (Team RST ) 2:34:19; 26 Martin Grantham (Dare Racing) 2:34:19; 27 Rhys Gruffydd (Lifeforce) 2:34:19; 28 Hywel Silvester (HSPR Racing) 2:34:19; 29 Paul Warman (HSPR Racing) 2:34:19; 30 Adam Holmes (Mid Devon CC) 2:34:19; 31 Ron Hewes (Interbike RT) 2:34:19; 32 Sean Kilroy (Glendene CC) 2:34:19; 33 Guy Stevens (Abergavenny RC) 2:34:19; 34 Adrian Ramsbottom (Glendene CC) 2:34:19; 35 Elliot Davis (Hardly Athletic CC) 2:34:52; 36 Carl Banwell (Porth & District CC) 2:34:52; 37 JOHN OLDRIDGE (LONDON DYNAMO) 2:34:52; 79 REBECCA STUBBS (LONDON DYNAMO/SURREY LEAGUE LADIES) 3:10:00; 80 Angela Nainby (Surrey League Ladies) 3:10:00; 81 Jane Berry (Surrey League Ladies) 3:10:00; 82 Brian Harrison (RAF CC) 3:10:00.

INDIVIDUAL GENERAL CLASSIFICATION AFTER STAGE 1A: 1 Stephen Edwards (Porth & District CC) 02:52:39; 2 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO) 02:52:50; 3 Michael Ford (Hardly Athletic CC) 02:53:06; 4 Paul Jenkins (Bush Healthcare) 02:53:10; 5 Tony Woodcock (Glendene CC) 02:53:20; 6 Martin Bush (Bush Healthcare) 02:53:22; 7 Chris Bradley (Port Talbot Wheelers) 02:53:24; 8 Rhys Gruffydd (Lifeforce) 02:53:28; 9 Jonathan Pugh (Abergavenny RC) 02:53:34; 10 Adam Holmes (Mid Devon CC) 02:53:40; 11 Andreas Perrakis (Mid Devon CC) 02:53:40; 12 Richard Bowen (Gateway RT) 02:53:47; 13 Robert Bignell (Gateway RT) 02:53:47; 14 MIKE DEBNEY (LONDON DYNAMO) 02:53:50; 15 Jim Macmanus (Interbike RT) 02:53:52; 16 Geraint Evans (Port Talbot Wheelers) 02:53:57; 17 Chris Le Page (Team RST) 02:53:59; 18 Mike Carty (Stratford CC) 02:54:03; 19 Stuart Hall (Bush Healthcare) 02:54:10; 20 Paul Warman (HSPR Racing) 02:54:12; 21 Richard John (HSPR Racing) 02:54:12; 22 Mike Parker (Mid Devon CC) 02:54:13; 23 Phillip Matthews (Gateway RT) 02:54:20; 24 Tim Rose (Gateway RT) 02:54:20; 25 Sean Kilroy (Glendene CC) 02:54:20; 26 Adrian Ramsbottom (Glendene CC) 02:54:20; 27 Hywel Silvester (HSPR Racing) 02:54:22; 28 Nigel Jones (Stratford CC) 02:54:26; 29 Mark Heath (Stratford CC) 02:54:26; 30 Matthew Hargreaves (Ogmore Valley Wheelers) 02:54:30; 31 JOHN OLDRIDGE (LONDON DYNAMO) 02:54:33; 32 Darren Stone (Cardiff JIF) 02:54:34; 33 Paul Bennet (Cardiff JIF) 02:54:34; 34 Mark Olding (Cardiff Ajax) 02:54:34; 35 Craig Standage (Cardiff JIF) 02:54:37; 36 Michele Ward (W Lifeforce) 02:54:38; 37 Elliot Davis (Hardly Athletic CC) 02:54:41; 38 Adrian Gammage (Team RST) 02:54:42; 39 Gareth Clements (Porth & District CC) 02:54:42; 40 Carl Banwell (Porth & District CC) 02:54:42; 41 Steven Smith (HSPR Racing) 02:54:45; 42 Ron Hewes (Interbike RT) 02:54:45; 43 Guy Stevens (Abergavenny RC) 02:54:47; 44 SAM HUMPHERSON (LONDON DYNAMO) 02:54:53; 81 REBECCA STUBBS (LONDON DYNAMO/SURREY LEAGUE LADIES) 03:33:07; 82 Austen Heath (Pembrokeshire Velo) 03:33:41.

POINTS COMPETITION AFTER STAGE 1A: 1 Marcus John (Pembrokeshire Velo) 0 5 5 4 14; 2 Jonathan Pugh (Abergavenny RC) 0 0 0 10 10; 3 Michael Ford (Hardly Athletic CC) 0 0 1 9 10; 4 Tony Woodcock (Glendene CC) 0 0 3 6 9; 5 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO) 0 0 0 8 8; 14 Chris Le Page (Team RST) 1 0.

STAGE 2, 45 MILES: 1 Michael Ford (Hardly Athletic CC) 1:58:15; 2 Jonathan Pugh (Abergavenny RC) 1:58:15; 3 Adam Holmes (Mid Devon CC) 1:58:19; 4 Paul Jenkins (Bush Healthcare) 1:58:23; 5 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO) 1:58:23; 6 John Vardy (Dare Racing) 1:58:23; 7 Andreas Perrakis (Mid Devon CC) 1:58:23 8 Paul Bennet (Cardiff JIF) 1:58:23; 9 Sean Kilroy (Glendene CC) 1:58:23; 10 Chris Le Page (Team RST) 1:58:23; 11 Darren Stone (Cardiff JIF) 1:58:23; 12 Richard John (HSPR Racing) 1:58:23; 13 Hywel Silvester (HSPR Racing) 1:58:23; 14 Guy Stevens (Abergavenny RC) 1:58:23; 15 Stephen Edwards (Porth & District CC) 1:58:23; 16 Mark Heath (Stratford CC) 1:58:23; 17 Jim Macmanus (Interbike RT) 1:58:23; 18 Mark Olding (Cardiff Ajax) 1:58:23; 19 SAM HUMPERSON (LONDON DYNAMO) 1:58:23; 20 Steven Smith (HSPR Racing) 1:58:23; 21 Craig Standage (Cardiff JIF) 1:58:23; 22 Richard Bowen (Gateway RT) 1:58:23; 23 Robert Bignell (Gateway RT) 1:58:23; 24 Geraint Evans (Port Talbot Wheelers) 1:58:23; 25 Martin Grantham (Dare Racing) 1:58:23; 26 Carl Banwell (Porth & District CC) 1:58:23; 27 Marcus John (Pembrokeshire Velo) 1:58:23; 28 Paul Warman (HSPR Racing) 1:58:23; 29 Phillip Matthews (Gateway RT) 1:58:23; 30 Tony Woodcock (Glendene CC) 1:58:23; 31 Stuart Hall (Bush Healthcare) 1:58:23; 32 MIKE DEBNEY (LONDON DYNAMO) 1:58:47; 33 Tim Rose (Gateway RT) 1:58:51; 34 Adrian Gammage (Team RST) 1:58:51; 35 Ron Hewes (Interbike RT) 1:58:54; 36 Gareth Clements (Porth & District CC) 1:59:08; 37 Adrian Ramsbottom (Glendene CC) 1:59:14; 38 JOHN OLDRIDGE (LONDON DYNAMO) 2:00:26; 79 REBECCA STUBBS (LONDON DYNAMO/SURREY LEAGUE LADIES) 2:35:00; 80 Angela Nainby (Surrey League Ladies) 2:35:00; 81 Jane Berry (Surrey League Ladies) 2:35:00.

INDIVIDUAL GENERAL CLASSIFICATION – FINAL: 1 Stephen Edwards (Porth & District CC) 04:50:42; 2 Paul Jenkins (Bush Healthcare) 04:51:03; 3 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO) 04:51:13; 4 Michael Ford (Hardly Athletic CC) 04:51:21; 5 Tony Woodcock (Glendene CC) 04:51:43; 6 Jonathan Pugh (Abergavenny RC) 04:51:49; 7 Adam Holmes (Mid Devon CC) 04:51:59; 8 Andreas Perrakis (Mid Devon CC) 04:52:03; 9 Richard Bowen (Gateway RT) 04:52:10; 10 Robert Bignell (Gateway RT) 04:52:10; 11 Jim Macmanus (Interbike RT) 04:52:15; 12 Geraint Evans (Port Talbot Wheelers) 04:52:20; 13 Chris Le Page (Team RST) 04:52:22; 14 Stuart Hall (Bush Healthcare) 04:52:33; 15 Paul Warman (HSPR Racing) 04:52:35; 16 Richard John (HSPR Racing) 04:52:35; 17 MIKE DEBNEY (LONDON DYNAMO) 04:52:37; 18 Sean Kilroy (Glendene CC) 04:52:43; 19 Phillip Matthews (Gateway RT) 04:52:43; 20 Hywel Silvester (HSPR Racing) 04:52:45; 21 Mark Olding (Cardiff Ajax) 04:52:57; 22 Mark Heath (Stratford CC) 04:52:59; 23 Craig Standage (Cardiff JIF) 04:53:00; 24 Carl Banwell (Porth & District CC) 04:53:05; 25 Darren Stone (Cardiff JIF) 04:53:07; 26 Paul Bennet (Cardiff JIF) 04:53:07; 27 Steven Smith (HSPR Racing) 04:53:08; 28 Guy Stevens (Abergavenny RC) 04:53:10; 29 Tim Rose (Gateway RT) 04:53:11; 30 SAM HUMPHERSON (LONDON DYNAMO) 04:53:16; 31 Adrian Gammage (Team RST) 04:53:33; 32 Adrian Ramsbottom (Glendene CC) 04:53:34; 33 Martin Grantham (Dare Racing) 04:53:38; 34 Ron Hewes (Interbike RT) 04:53:39; 35 Gareth Clements (Porth & District CC) 04:53:50; 36 John Vardy (Dare Racing) 04:54:03; 37 Marcus John (Pembrokeshire Velo) 04:54:09; 38 JOHN OLDRIDGE (LONDON DYNAMO) 04:54:59; 80 REBECCA STUBBS (SURREY LEAGUE LADIES) 06:08:07.

POINTS COMPETITION – FINAL OVERALL: 1 Jonathan Pugh (Abergavenny RC) 0 0 0 10 5 0 5 9 29; 2 Michael Ford (Hardly Athletic CC) 0 0 1 9 3 0 3 10 26; 3 Paul Jenkins (Bush Healthcare) 0 0 0 7 0 5 0 7 19; 4 TOM HEMMANT (LONDON DYNAMO) 0 0 0 8 0 1 1 6 16; 19 Phillip Matthews Gateway RT 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1.

TEAM GENERAL CLASSIFICATION – FINAL OVERALL: 1 LONDON DYNAMO 13:57:01; 2 Cardiff JIF 13:57:44; 3 HSPR Racing 13:57:49; 4 Porth & District CC 13:57:57; 5 Glendene CC 13:57:58; 6 Gateway RT 13:58:07; 7 Bush Healthcare 14:01:56; 8 Dare Racing 14:02:06; 9 Mid Devon CC 14:03:40; 10 Stratford CC 14:04:50; 21 SURREY LEAGUE LADIES 16:53:02.

SUNDAY, MAY 23 – SURREY LEAGUE ROAD RACE, KIRDFORD, 2/3/4/J, 60 MILES: 1 Stuart Heade (Sigma Sport); 2 Robert Driver (Cambridge Uni); 3 Simon Jackson (High Wycombe); 4 PAUL CALLINAN (LONDON DYNAMO); 5 Kevin Tye (; 6 Brendan Heaslip (Kenton RC); 7 RUSSELL SHORT (LONDON DYNAMO); 8 Julian Bray (London Phoenix); 9 Jamie Higgins (Sigma Sport); 10 Colin Tamon (Tunbridge Wells RC); 11 Frank Sanz (Pearson Cycles); 12= Keir O’Donnell (Beyond Mountain Bikes); 12= Mark Skinner (Brighton Mitre); 12= Andrew Green (Brighton Mitre); 12= Paul Byrom (Chippenham Whs); 12= Dan Bennett (Dbennett Training); 12= Simon Felmore (Dbennett Training); 12= David Roberts (East Grinstead CC); 12= Graham Kinsey (Farnborough & Camberley); 12= Colin McDermott (Festival RC); 12= Adrian Goatley (Freerider Cycles); 12= Christopher Wright (Freerider Cycles); 12= Marco Coppola (Gemini BC); 12= Mark Hutt (Hounslow & District Wheelers); 12= Andrew Gillies (Hounslow & District Wheelers); 12= Richard Heathcote (I-team); 12= KEN BUIST (LONDON DYNAMO); 56 Steve Ferguson (Team Maestro).

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  1. Hi I’m trying to get in touch with Sam Humpherson’s mother. At least, I think it is her. Is there any way I can contact him ?

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