DYNAMITE! #47, 25.03.05

November 21, 2010

DYNAMITE! The OFFICIAL London Dynamo Newsletter #47, 25.03.05

That’s right, chums – DYNAMITE! is in Mallorca this week living it up with the training campers, but we will be back in seven days for a full-size edition of your favourite Dynamatic e-mail update. And #48 is going to be a belter – because it’s our special collector’s edition to celebrate one year of this humble organ! In the meantime, please keep Dyna-mailing your news, results gossip, and further sightings of the elusive KEN ‘ABSENT’ BUIST to news@londondynamo.co.uk – but PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ADDRESS if you are reading this on e-mail. The deadline, as ever, is Wednesday afternoon for Friday’s edition. And now, as Mrs Dynamite prepares to hit “send” in our absence, it only remains for us to remind you about…


The Parkride. Richmond Park, roundabout by Sheen Gate, 9am. Four laps split into fast, intermediate and steady groups.

Hampton Court bridge, 9am for Surrey Hills ride. 50ish miles at a steady pace. Bring a pump, inner tubes, drink, and a note from your mum.

Richmond Gate, Richmond Park, 7:30pm. Canter to Surrey and back.

So until next week, Dynamates, goodbye and happy riding.

The DYNAMITE! team.

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